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Bucks Draft posted on 06/11/2009

Only being a couple weeks away from the draft, you look at what can the bucks do in the draft to take a step in the direction of at least having a winning season? Is there someone out there who can contribute instantly and make us a better team at pick 10? I would like to think so the bucks are slim at PF but there is no one that really wows you at 10 at PF, the bucks also have a huge need at PG with Luke being on his last year and Ramon being a free agent. This years draft is especially deep at PGs with Steph Curry, Ty Lawson, Johnny flynn all who could be available at 10. I truly believe one of the these guys could really make an impact I hate the last few years of decisions we have made starting back with getting rid of our talent every year Allen for Mason and half a season of Grandaddy Gary Payton, Tj ford, Sam Cassell Glenn Robinson, and the list continues. Also we have had horrible luck in the draft with the exception of Andrew Bogut, which if you look at it that draft that draft was the worst possible draft to have the number one pick, we could have gotten bogut at 5 any other year he would have come out. Yi was and will be terrible, Joe alexander is athletic and thats it, he will never start, the other year we didnt even have a first round thanks to the ray allen trade. This franchise is due to start winning and i love the moves we made last season but it is going to take a lot to undo all that has been done to us ( the organization, the fans, the nba) I believe a good franchise PG could be exactlty what we need and i believe we can get that at 10.

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