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How Kerr Ruined the Suns posted on 07/20/2009
Remember the days when the Phoenix Suns were the most exciting team in the league and perennial contenders? I don’t either. There’s a laundry list of bad Steve Kerr decisions: traded away Kurt Thomas to save money, made an awful trade of Shawn Marion for Shaquille O’Neal that didn’t make any basketball sense, traded valuable assets Boris Diaw and Raja Bell for Jason Richardson, didn’t try to convince Mike D’Antoni to come back, and traded away good draft picks like Rudy Fernandez, Rajon Rondo, and Marcin Gortat. Where to start. Kurt Thomas was their best low post defender and the only guy on the roster who could do a reasonable job guarding archrival Tim Duncan. Ironically enough, he ended up landing in San Antonio, adding insult to injury. He ac

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Top 2010 NBA Free Agents posted on 07/15/2009

Here are my top free agents in the stacked 2010 Class:  

1.  LeBron James

2.  Dwyane Wade

3.  Chris Bosh

4.  Amare Stoudemire (Ahead of Dirk because he's younger)

5.  Dirk Nowitzki

6.  Paul Pierce

7.  Carlos Boozer

8.  Joe Johnson

9.  Richard Jefferson

10.  Ray Allen (Age quickly catching up)

11.  Manu Ginobili  (Assuming the best after ankle problems)

12.  Steve Nash (Age also quickly catching up)

13.  Yao Ming (Major question marks)

14.  Tracy McGrady  (Assuming Microfracture surgery ends up working)

15.  Michael Redd (Should be ok after ACL tear)

16.  Shaquille O'Neal (Older than heck, but still effective)

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Maravich Drops 68 vs the Knicks posted on 07/14/2009

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Warriors Guards posted on 07/12/2009
All I have to say is that the Golden State Warriors have a ton of guards: Kelenna Azubuike, Marco Belinelli, Speedy Claxton, Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Acie Law, Anthony Morrow.  Um, log jam???

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LEBRON posted on 07/12/2009

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