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Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA’s most surprising team this season. posted on 12/28/2014

The Milwaukee Bucks may only have a .500 record standing at 15 and 15, but they've already equaled last season's win total. They also occupy the Eastern Conference's No. 6 seed heading into the second third of the 2014 season. 

And in a conference starved for solid Nos. 1-8 depth like the West, a .500 record should qualify Jason Kidd's club for the postseason. 

Sure, the Bucks are far from perfect, they have their downfalls, like having a sputtering offense that ranks 20th in efficiency, but there is plenty to write home about as the defense is still slightly above average (No. 11 overall). As is the case with most young teams, continuity has been easier to find as the result of pure athleticism than tactical execution.

Kidd's influence is also evident when you examine point guard Brandon Knight's production. 

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Milwaukee Bucks Preseason Report 2014 posted on 09/19/2014

The 2013-14 season was exceptionally bad for the Milwaukee Bucks, considering they had spent so much to form a great team. The teams spent big amounts to get Zaza Pachulia and O.J. Mayo, and Larry Sanders was signed for a four-year contract. Sanders, who is known for his great defense play, not only got into a bar fight but also injured his thumb, and Mayo put on weight and had a fight with the coach. However, the rest of the team was also quite terrible, and there were losses after losses and the team ended with 15-67.

For the next season, 2014-15, the only hope for the Milwaukee Bucks seems to be Jabari Parker, whom they acquired in the draft. The other players who came in through the draft were Johnny O'Bryant and Damien Inglis. In free agency, the team acquired Jerryd Bayless and Kendall Marshall, while in the trades they got Jared Dudley.

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